World of Cubes Survival Craft FOR PC (WINDOWS AND MAC)


Create your own worlds with thousands of random players or friends online in Multiplayer mode or start your own survival game on the infinite randomly generated maps.Explore universes and random worlds created by others. Upload your own maps and creations from single player mode to online Multiplayer server to play with others. Build whatever you can dream of by yourself or with many other users online in real time Multiplayer mode. Protect your own online creations with passwords so that only friends and people you know can access them.

Start your own survival game on the infinite map. Find different resources, craft new items and build your own shelter to survive the nights! Watch out zombies, pumpkin heads and other aggressive mobs to save your health and hunt down eatable mobs (cows, horses, pigs, chickens) to overcome your hunger. Get compass with coordinates in order to easily orient in the infinite world. Don’t panic if you are dead in Survival mode – you can always get Resurrection pack instantly in the game’s Shop and get back all of your inventory after resurrection.Customize your character by choosing unique skin from 160+ available skins for Multiplayer games. Angel, Steelman, Vampire, Frankenstein, Messi and many other skins are available for your selection. All skins are grouped into 7 themed skin packs: FUTURISTIC, MOSNTERS, CARTOON, SPORT and others.Here we will show you How to Download and Install your favourite app World of Cubes Survival Craft For PC on Windows 7,8 and 10 and Mac OS X, however, if you are interested in other apps, visit our top most categories ANDROID APPS FOR PC and IOS APPS FOR PC and locate your favorite ones.

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World of Cubes Survival Craft FOR PC

FEATURES OF World of Cubes Survival Craft FOR PC :

• Survival mode for single player with infinite maps, crafting, building and mobs.
• Creative mode for Online Multiplayer or Single player.
• Centralized server that hosts all rooms and games globally.
• Built-in chat in Multiplayer mode with multicolor support.
• Password protected Parental control for Multiplayer Chat. Disable chat for younger children.
• 1000+ of user created maps for creative Online Multiplayer mode.
• 160+ player skins available for Multiplayer gaming.
• 10+ great predefined maps on the server to get started with creative single player or Online Multiplayer game.
• 7+ themed skin packs: FUTURISTIC, MOSNTERS, CARTOON, SPORT and others.
• 4+ different Block Texture Packs to choose from.
• Ability to create password-protected maps to build exclusively with friends or people you know.
• Ability to create read-only maps viewable to all players. But only you can modify them.
• Upload your maps from Single player creative to Online Multiplayer server
• No need to setup and/or host a server.
• No subscription or additional fees required.

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Ride with the Frog (Google Play Download)

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