Where the “Game of Thrones” was shot

The team of the series shot on the saga “Song of Ice and Flame” by George Martin, traveled almost the whole world to find the ideal shooting areas.

Where the "Game of Thrones" was shot

The details of some places are given below..


Spain debuted only in the fifth season of the “Game of Thrones”, but immediately in the main role. Beautiful Seville on the screens turned into the capital of Dorn, and the town of Osuna halfway to Malaga – ah, over its arena for bullfighting finally appeared in all its glory the “children” of the Daeneris.

They say that the Andalusians enthusiastically accepted the arrival of filmmakers. In October 2014, HBO’s studio advertised about recruiting 550 people for the crowd. In less than a day, the production center in Osun has received 86,000 applications. The population of Osuna is 17,973 people.

The seventh season of one of the most popular serials of the 21st century was again filmed mostly in Spain: with the sixth, it turned out cool.

Seville and the ruins of Italica – Battle with the dragons?

Where the "Game of Thrones" was shot

The mayor of Santiponce in Seville officially confirmed that HBO was interested in the ruins of Italica, a Roman colony founded in the 206th century BC, and the home of the emperors Trajan and Adrian. The local Roman amphitheater is definitely suitable for testing by fighting. And the battle, it feels, will be grandiose: in this scenery, glorious dragons are fitting into the fire.

According to newspaper reports and tourist sites, the Seville Royal Shipyard should also appear in the frame. City Counselor for Culture and Tourism said that in the entourage of Las Reales-Atarazanas shot the scene of the battle. There are no details yet, but the more interesting it is to look out for the gothic arches of the Seville shipyard, which the 13th century remembers.


Dayeneris Targarien had a lot of traveling in the “Game of Thrones”, and in reality. Episodes with her participation were filmed in three countries: Malta, Morocco and Croatia. In Morocco, the creators of the series decided to recreate the hot continent of Esso.

Atlas Studios, Ouarzazate – Free Cities and Slavery Bay:

Where the "Game of Thrones" was shot

The Atlas film studio holds a record for the area among all film studios in the world. 20 hectares of its filming areas are located 5 km from the Moroccan Ouarzazate and it is unclear what exactly attracts tourists more: the city itself or its studio. In addition to the “Game of Thrones”, Atlas filmed “Spy Games”, “Gladiator”, “Babylon” and “Prince of Persia”, and Ridley Scott and Brad Pitt are almost regulars.


John Snow, the crow and the wild were less lucky on the set than Deyeneris, Junkai and Astaporians: their storyline had to be removed not in hot Morocco or at least Northern Ireland, but in severe Iceland. Perhaps, because the “dragon glass” on the volcanic fields of Iceland is lying just under your feet.

Winter is here, so in the seventh season, the icy beauty of Iceland we will definitely see again and again. The local Ministry of Tourism from the effect of the “Game of Thrones” is delighted: for the time that has passed since the premiere, the number of tourists on a tiny island in the North Atlantic Ocean has doubled – from 566 thousand a year to over one million.

Northen Ireland:

In the world of “Song of Ice and Flame” Northern Ireland is inhabited mainly by Iron people – harsh natives of the same name of the islands and subjects of Beylon Greyjoy. But the edges in the north of Ireland are so picturesque that the creators of the “Game of Thrones” shot here at the same time and Vintrefel, and the Royal Route, and the Storm Lands. And in the fifth season of the series, the barracks of the Black Castle and the Harsh House were arranged here.

Tallimore Forest Park – Forests of the North:

Where the "Game of Thrones" was shot

630 hectares of the forests of the park Tollimore at the foot of the ridge Mourn – an excellent place for walking or even hiking in Northern Ireland. The mountain river, caves, grottoes and beautiful sea views attracted the crew of the series. In the “Game of Thrones” Tollimore can be seen several times, in particular, in the first series, at the moment when the Starkey find the puppies of the falcon.

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