What to do when my device is not compatible with Clash Royale

One of the most popular games of the moment and indeed for quite a long time is undoubtedly Clash Royale.A game that quickly became an indispensable on any mobile device, the strategy is too entertaining on phones and we could say that it was the best and best-evolved genre on mobile devices.

What to do when my device is not compatible with Clash Royale

The issue is that sometimes when we try to download Clash Royale we find an unpleasant message that ruins all plans. What message? The ” Device is not supported “. Obviously, it’s not something we want to read at all.

Clash Royale is not compatible with this device:

Let’s take into account a few things, you have to have a screen resolution that is at least 800 Ă— 480, have 1 GB of RAM and in addition to this have a version of Android 4.0.3 or higher. Obviously, any mobile range even low meets these expectations (of the latter) But if you have one of the several years ago you may have problems.

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The device is not supported, Clash Royale:

Keep in mind that this problem in case you do not meet those requirements that we discussed above, can not be solved. It’s actually a hardware issue so there is no way to fool the game into working, in case you download an APK and install it to force the title basically will not work on the mobile device in the same way. Because as I said earlier if you meet the requirements there is no way to walk.

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What to do when my device is not compatible with Clash Royale

Android phones are the same as computers, all phones are now and must meet certain hardware requirements to be able to run many games, as I said mobile as the Samsung J5 or J7 can with this game without any kind of problem, even The Galaxy J2 will be able to shoot with it.

But if you have a mobile that already has several years behind and even does not even exceed the version of Android, you definitely need an urgent phone change, equally should be noted that phones like those mentioned above Samsung are too accessible Inside everything , so if you want to acquire one of them will not be so expensive and you will have a mobile that will work with Clash Royale and even with WhatsApp among thousands of applications more.

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