War Storm Clash of Heroes FOR PC (WINDOWS AND MAC)

War Storm Clash of Heroes is a Strategy Game. Download and install, War Storm Clash of Heroes For PC From Apps For PC Today.

NOT pay to win, I can tell it is frustrating for new players to get ahead in this game if you come late, but just because you see people with tons of power early in the server does not make it pay to win. Yes there are some people who payed there way to top power but I made it on my own with many hours of work. Plus the game practically give you everything for free through a alliance. All you have to do is donate food or wood to receive points then buy pretty much the entire game with those points. ( Including VIP).War Storm Clash of Heroes is a Strategy MMO. Players take control of a castle, a kingdom, and all its subjects. Their fate is in your hands, but you won’t be alone! Summon brave heroes to your cause, hone their skills in combat, and use their unique abilities to turn the tide of battle! Form alliances with other players, then join together and Rally Attack your enemies. Become a noble king and fight off the invading demon hordes, or a vicious warlord who ransacks neighboring cities. The choice is yours.Growing your empire’s might gives you access to new places.Build diverse armies of foot soldiers, archers, mages, catapults and more.Outsmart your enemies by outfitting the winning combinations in battle.Fight hellish monsters under the leadership of Arch Demon Papas. Become too powerful and you might have to fight Papas himself.

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War Storm Clash of Heroes FOR PC

Game Details:

Game Name: War Storm Clash of Heroes.

Game Category: Strategy.

Game Developer: Funcell123 .

Requires Android: 4.1 and up.

Game Score on Play Store: 4.6 / 5.

Download Link:

Ride with the Frog (Google Play Download)

App Store

Download War Storm Clash of Heroes FOR PC using Emulators:

War Storm Clash of Heroes FOR PC is now available for those who like to play Android and iOS Apps and Games on their PC. As War Storm Clash of Heroes is exclusively a mobile App. You have to first download any Emulator.





These Emulators help you to run your apps on your PC. The emulator replaces the touch technology of mobile devices with simple mouse buttons and keyboard controls. Most games and apps use the mouse as the primary input device however some apps require keyboards.

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