Top 5 Google tools to find keywords

For every blogger who creates his/her new site and wanted to get popular in a couple of days or week.This blog got really helped you in doing this.In this blog, I am gonna show you the Top 5 Google tools to find keywords.So, let’s start…

Google tools to find keywords

5 Google tools to find the most searched words in the network:

1. Google Adwords: This tool is often used by companies to create campaigns, and of course it is also useful for web positioning since it provides searches related to the keywords that are used by people related to products or services.In addition, using Google Adwords you can get a snapshot of the competition that exists for a certain keyword, as well as the number of searches that are monthly globally and locally.

Google Adwords provides a series of functions that allow us to experiment. Knowing which phrases give the most results in a campaign in a very short time (sometimes just hours) we can know if one ad is better than another and what is its efficiency.

2. Google Insight: This application allows you to know what people are looking for on the Internet. Also, it is an excellent tool to compare the volumes of keyword searches by regions, categories and time.For blogs that are fairly new and still need time to create articles and build a good foundation, I recommend using less competitive keywords, around 90,000 monthly or lower is ideal for these blogs.

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3. The Google search engine: As we enter keywords within Google, it begins to provide words related to our search.These suggestions are actually the related searches that people most frequently perform.That’s why Google gives us this tool to facilitate our task. However, it can be used to know what people are looking for and in this way experiment using them to increase traffic to our blog.

4. Google Analytics: If you use this system to measure or compile statistics for your blog or website, you have something in your favor. Although, Google Analytics does not suggest keywords if it gives you information about which keywords people used to get to your website.It can be an excellent source of words related to your niche, area of expertise or even your business or company, and they are also words in which you are already positioned.By making a few minimal changes to your past articles, you can increase your visits using these keywords.

5. Google Trends: This tool that gives us the Internet giant allows us to know what are the search trends of users within Google.If we want to know what people are looking for on the Internet, Google Trends is the tool to discover it. Because it is designed for those who want to find or take advantage of the data that Google provides on the behavior of users in your search engine.

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One of the advantages of using Trends is to know keywords that show growth by seasons or seasons. Many of the people in charge of the marketing area use it to create seasonal campaigns, with the objective of getting more out of the words that present a seasonal behavior.

I hope you take into account and apply these tips, which can result in drastic changes in the number of visits to your blog.