Threats of viruses and cybercrimes most common in PC and mobile games

Attack online game networks like PlayStation Network , Xbox Live and Steam have been news protagonists in the four corners of the world, but the security flaws are not only on the horizon of games on network famous consoles Sony and Microsoft . The volume of scams focused on PC gaming users continues to grow and victimize. Lucas Paus, security researcher ESET , listed the threats most common attacks on gamers during ESET Seguridad Informatica Forum 2016 on 15 and 16 November.

“Many gamers do not use protection software because they think it harms the game. There are gamer-mode antivirus,” explains Paus, who listed the eight most common problems of inexperienced gamers.

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Threats of viruses and cybercrimes most common in PC and mobile games

1) Phishing coup:

E-mails with links to fake pages of Battle.Net for games Blizzard as World of Warcraft lead users to URLs without a digital certificate, https and padlock or “green” indication that the area is safe and allows you to perform financial transactions that are Intercepted by the owners of the fake pages, stealing credit card passwords.

2) False Downloads:

Another gateway to attacks are the fake downloads. Many online PC gaming users download chat programs to chat with teams during group matches. Unofficial translated versions or even copies containing malicious code are common and the guideline is to always download applications from the official developer.

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3) The use of cracks :

With part of the good paid PC games, it is common for users to opt for pirated software that requires the use of cracks – a program used to break a security system in a closed and paid game. Not always, the download of cracks is free of malware and cheap can be expensive for those who decide to use pirate games instead of original.

4) Machine processing sequestration:

With true gimmicks, gamers often have powerful machines with dedicated video processing. With an eye on these PCs, hackers can infect these machines and use all the power of their computer to mine bitcoins.It is important to watch and measure performance frequently whenever you notice any changes.

5) Ransomware gamer:

Virus hijackers also exist in the gaming world. However, instead of “encrypting” access to the operating system, the hacker is able to pick up the player’s wounds and block a game, or even a certain phase, points, and ranking of the game. Just like in the scam that encrypts data, a redemption payment is requested in bitcoins to release the game.

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Threats of viruses and cybercrimes most common in PC and mobile games

6) Desired Games:

Last fever games mobile, everyone wanted to play Pokémon GO . The problem is that it was not available in all countries as soon as it was announced. Knowing this, hackers created a wave of fake apps, parallel programs that promised access, improved in-game performance, and other benefits with a single goal: stealing personal data.

7) Fake Apps:

A problem that goes beyond unofficial repository, fake apps are often reported in official stores for Android and iOS (iPhone). However, as long as they are not crawled, they can make thousands of victims installing malicious application.

8) No Antivirus:

According to ESET, in a survey of 500 players in the UK, 52% said they do not use antivirus on their computer. Another 36% disables because they think it impairs the progress of games in the machine. The absence of the antivirus in the machine is a risk factor for those who browse forums that promise tips in exchange for registrations and downloads..

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