Things you should not do in your first job interview

And the day came.. After distributing your resume to several companies, they call you and they quote you for the interview. What to do, what to say and how should you behave? They will be some of the questions that will ring your head.

This first interview is not only the moment for a company to know you and decide whether to hire you or not; It is also the perfect opportunity for you to get to know and project yourself to see if your way of thinking and philosophy are coupled to what you seek to start a working relationship.

first job interview

In general, there are two types of interviews:

1) When the position does not require specific experience or knowledge; and

2) When some kind of more oriented preparation is needed.

For whatever your case, there are certain situations that you must take into account and not fall into errors that may affect the final result. Remember that the first impression is what will count to move to the second phase where, in general, the decision is made to hire you.


For nothing in the world, you arrived late. Introduce yourself at least 10 minutes before it; 5 minutes is a lot of risks, do not you think?

Be honest and sincere:

Remember that those who do the interviews to this are engaged, it will cost you a lot to lie or make them believe uncertain data. You will not achieve anything if you say false things or just to look good.

Show security:

We could say that if you adopt a positive attitude, you have a 75% chance of pleasing the interviewer. Try to keep nerves from playing against you.

Apply for vacancies only where you are able to develop:

This will guarantee you a lot of success and happiness, besides that, you will not be wasting your time nor that of the company or the recruiter when applying to something that is not your field.

Show yourself friendly and very smiling:

A smile and a courteous greeting will always open the doors where you go. Always keep the limits of respect and education.

But, what are you looking for at the time of the interview?

What interviewers usually look for is your honesty, authenticity, clarity of opinion and ideas, security in yourself, openness and availability, knowledge for the work area, energy and passion to do things. Try to be positive and although you’re dying of nerves, do not show them. Luck!