Super Tiger Sim 2017 FOR PC (WINDOWS AND MAC)

Super Tiger Sim 2017 is an Adventure mobile app developed by the Tapinator, Inc. (Ticker: TAPM).It is officially available for iOS and Android devices, but it can be installed on a laptop, MAC or desktop with the help of an iOS and Android emulator.In this tiger simulation, prowl through nature as a frightening beast.Use your sharp claws and nose, keen vision, and sensitive ears to navigate the grassy, wooded terrain, both day and night. Spot prey from miles away, plan your attack, and pounce! Explore a mesmerizing safari environment and fight different foes like grizzly bears, crocodiles, and lions. Experience an authentic predator experience: hunt prey and fulfill your need for speed! Protect your clan and satiate their hunger and thirst.

Additional Super Tiger Sim 2017 FOR PC Features:

•Amazing Safari Graphics: Awesome 3D jungle environments for an ultimate thrill, as well as realistic tiger animations (which almost pounce right out of the screen).
•Realistic Tiger Life Simulation: Mate and birth cubs to start a family. Feed and protect these cubs until they grow up and become powerful leaders in the clan.
•Complete action-packed quests: Upgrade Attack, Energy and health features for better hunting skills.
•Advanced Hunting: Multiple types of attacks, including Bite, Claw, Pounce, and •Automated Power Attacks for instant kills.
•Wide variety of wild animals to prey on: Deer, Sheep, Chicken, Pigs, Fish, Wolves, Moose, Crocodiles etc.
•Real day and night cycles with an infrared camera view to see in the dark as a tiger would! Thunder, dust storms and rain happen spontaneously and can be a real challenge to your tiger too.
*Fight powerful and vicious bosses like elephants, hyenas, rhinos, and crocodiles.

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Super Tiger Sim 2017 FOR PC

How to Download and Enjoy Super Tiger Sim 2017 on PC:

If you want to enjoy any mobile app on your PC then, first of all, you have to download emulators given below.

                                                BlueStacks / Andy / Youwave  / Ipadian (For iOS Apps)

If for some reason any of these emulators stop or give an error or take more time in downloading then you can try the Alternative Emulators.

Download Super Tiger Sim 2017 for Mobile and Tablet Devices:

Google Play Store: Link

Apple App Store: Link

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