Redstone Uprising Hero Clash FOR PC (WINDOWS AND MAC)

Redstone Uprising Hero Clash FOR PC

Downlond Redstone Uprising Hero Clash FOR PC from Apps For PC Today.

Fight against the evil and create history. Battle has been declared in Redstone by the enemies “Swarms”. Tree of Destiny is trying to save the world by waking up the legendary heroes from “The Guardians”. It is now in your hands to protect the world. Are you ready to join the battle?. Pick up 5 heroes from the squad of 40.

Remember to pick up the heroes smartly. Selecting the heroes is one of the factors that decides the winning in the battle. Each hero is designed with unique and exceptional abilities. But take care, there is no one hero which is perfect. The combined abilities of the heroes makes the best squad. Use your strategy to choose the squad based on the enemy’s strength.

Ensure to have a detailed study every heroes powers to increase you chances to win the battle and save the world. This strategic selection makes this interesting game lot more exciting and different from any other games you’ve ever played.

This strategic gameplay is a real battlefield where you get to challenge and battle against real players across the world. Your every move is very crucial and will be decisive in determining the outcome of the battle! Capture the battlefield and protect the Redstone from your enemies with your coolest strategy skills and amazing gaming skills. There is no look back.

Either you win over your devastating enemies or lose the battle. The battle conditions keep changing to add on more challenges and obstacles. Study your enemy’s powers to carefully tune your heroes’ super powers and change the tide of the battle field in your favor.

The game is perfectly designed for those who love challenges and want to excel their gaming skills. Gaming skills is not only about how to control the movement but also how strategically you decide and fight against your enemies based on the continuous game changing conditions.

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This game is the complete pack which requires best of all the abilities in order to win the battle. To add on more fun and excitement, you get to earn more and more gems as you improve your rankings against the best players in the world. Keep challenging the best players and beat them to earn huge number of gems.

FEATURES OF Redstone Uprising Hero Clash FOR PC:

✓Fight with Players Worldwide.
✓Lead your Party to Victory.
✓Cast Abilities Strategically.
✓Epic Battles Against the Might Beasts.
✓Amazing interface to enhance your gaming experience.

This battlefield is an excellent opportunity to prove your gaming skills and master mind. This game is a marathon of “Path to Greatness” by testing the abilities of your own handpicked heroes. Protect your hero if you want to stay in the marathon as the powers and skills of the heroes are not recovered after the battle.

Ensure you save your squad and have enough healing powers. This marathon is not so easy. Use the right skills at right time to fight against your enemy. Judge the battlefield minutely. The game has an innovative tower defence mode where in your squad of 5 heroes must take on 10 waves of enemies.

The game has a great graphics with amazing user interface and intuitive gaming controls to make your experience even more better. Use your strategy to make the best squad of 5 heroes by picking the legendary heroes with exceptional and unique abilities. Gear up!!! Take up the challenge and help “Tree of Destiny” to protect the world “Redstone” from the enemies “Swarms”. Win the battle and be the conqueror!!!

In case of any problems, do write to us onand we will help you to solve the issue. If you have any suggestions to make the game better, do write to us. If you have liked the game or have found the game useful, do rate us 5 stars and share this with your friends.

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Redstone Uprising Hero Clash FOR PC

Downloads Required:

Firstly you will want to create an environment where any android application can get access, for this you will need an android emulator. The Download links for different emulators are provided below you can choose any of them, depends on your choice.

The important thing to remember is that the emulator like Bluestack, Andy and Youwave are compatible with windows. Mac users should use Ipadian to convert their mac to Ipad and play all the games that they have played on iPad, iPhone on their Mac computers.

Download: BlueStacks Emulator

Download: Andy Emulator

Download: YouWave Emulator

Download: iPandian ( For iOS Apps )

Download From Google Play: Redstone Uprising Hero Clash For PC (Windows And Mac)

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Install Redstone Uprising Hero Clash For PC using BlueStacks:


  1. Download and Install BlueStacks, whose guide and linkis given above.
  2. Open and run BlueStacks.
  3. Choose the Market from where you want to Install it, Choose Play Store.
  4. If asked for ID, put it.
  5. Now in Google Play Store Click the Search button.
  6. Enter the Redstone Uprising Hero Clash in it.
  7. Install The App.
  8. Go To Drawer and Open the Game from Main Menu and Enjoy.

Redstone Uprising Hero Clash For PC is now available to play on bigger screen of your PC.Now you can play all your favorite android and iOS games on your PC.It is more fun for you to play apps and games on PC screen.For more updates stay tuned with Apps For PC Today.Enjoy.