Rebel Inc For Android,iPhone & PC-Review

Plague Inc. – one of my favorite games. In it, you need to infect the entire planet with a virus, engaging in its spread and mutation for maximum efficiency. The game appeared in 2012, and since then the updates came in 2 full parts. Nevertheless, the developers simply supported the original project.

Today, the authors of the hit – Ndemic Creations – announced a new project called Rebel Inc. The common features of the two projects are visible to the naked eye, but in the new game, you will be engaged not in proliferation, but in the fight against the consequences of the interventions of other states and insurrections.

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Part of the gameplay is quite similar to the previous generation of Plague Inc. But this time the player doesn’t have to keep the XD on the screen. At the beginning of the game, you have to think of a loud name and then set your own headquarters position. Then open the list from the bottom left corner, where you can see the current overall overview and development goals.

Civilian’s needs represent people’s livelihoods, such as educational development, economic construction, or building bridges. You must improve the stability of the region according to the different local conditions. After all, it is harder for the people to live and work in rebellion.

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Rebel Inc For Mobile

The Government represents the development path of the government department. Due to the economic development of the large-scale civil engineering pattern, it will bring about inflation and corruption. Policy promotion within the government can effectively curb these events. Writing this is a bit like writing a report on XD. To be straightforward, there are three effects below. When you click on this development, the game will tell you which one has been lowered or which one has been improved.

Finally, the management of the Military Army Department is also the highlight of the game. The game will develop into a medium-term rebellion, and you will be qualified to train the army. The trained army will be dispatched to the rebel towns. However, the rebels are not fools, but you can’t run without them XD will flow to the neighboring area until you complete the encirclement.

On the way to global stability, it can be said that it is ups and downs. Annoying rebels will attack your undeveloped area and try to control him. The more the opponents master the area, the faster our reputation will fall. In addition, the foreign news from time to time or the rebound of the military will greatly affect the reputation points. When the reputation is zero, the game immediately fails. If you want to pass the normal difficulty, you really need to plan all the way.

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Rebel Inc For Mobile

Experience suggestions:

Rebel Inc. is a special strategy simulation game. Recommended for players who love strategy games and management games. The game simulates the process of post-war, abandonment, and reconstruction. Players can experience the use of post-war government budgets, the direction of various policies, and so on.

At the same time, the army can be deployed on the map to sweep the rebellion and fight against the rebels. Although the game has an in-app purchase, it only allows you to open it first. You can unlock the full map and the full government role while playing with your brain. The most unfortunate thing is that there is no Chinese version yet, and many of the words are more advanced. For players who are hard-working in English, you can wait and see, wait for the Chinese version to shoot again~

Thank you for reading.