PUBG MOBILE gets “Resident Evil 2” mode! Here’s how to play!

After many delays, PUBG Mobile finally won the zombie mode. In a partnership with Capcom, the mobile survival and shooting game gets a zombie shooting mode and a Resident Evil 2 Remake Mister X game.PUBG MOBILE gets "Resident Evil 2" mode

Update 0.11 took a long time to launch. I think it took her too long. This mode was to have been released along with the game Resident Evil 2 Remake, for consoles and PC, or at least, to arrive the following week. The hype of RE2 is halfway through.

In addition to the new mode, players can check out exclusive skins from the Capcom game, such as the Ada Wong character dress or the clothes of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. In addition, Tencent put a new machine gun in the game: the MI34 Minigun. See the trailer.

– How to Play “Zombie Mode:

Called Survival Till Dawn, nicknamed “Zombie Mode” by players, this arcade mode puts 60 players on a reduced map in Erangel.

The mode is available shortly after refresh. It is already selected. Then it will be incorporated into Arcade mode as “Event Mode”.

PUBG MOBILE gets "Resident Evil 2" mode

Players need to survive for two whole nights in a setting surrounded by zombies, lickers and the awful Mister X.

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You must be alert. Although the zombies are weak, they can denounce their position, which in itself is already a problem. Zombies keep loot too.

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