Prince Harry on Fortnite: “What’s wrong with the parents?”

When visiting the city of Brighton, Prince Harry recommends primary school students prefer to play Minecraft rather than Fortnite.

Prince Harry on Fortnite

Wait, what? That a prince expresses himself to Games is certainly not that often. This happened on Wednesday, when Prince Harry traveled with his wife Meghan Markle through the south of England located county Sussex. As so often, the masses flocked to the streets to receive the members of the royal family.

In Brighton, the newlywed couple met a group of students who performed their dance skills . The dance was a famous emote from Fortnite: The Floss or the floss. To the regret of the students, however, they did not achieve what they had set out to do, because the prince was not amused, but rather worried.

Children should play Minecraft rather than Fortnite:

The students were asked by the press after the meeting how the prince responded, “He asked us how old we are. We said we were eight and he said, ‘You guys should not play Fortnite.’ “ The prince is not entirely wrong in his statement, after all, Fortnite is only recommended for players over the age of twelve. Prince Harry had loud Hello! even suggested a different game to elementary students, Minecraft.

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Prince Harry on Fortnite

Elementary school teacher Emma Johnston started talking to Prince Harry: “He said it worries him that the kids will play the game before they are allowed to. We also said it was worrisome for us as a school. ”  The prince is also quoted as saying, ” What’s wrong with the parents? “

The fact that the prince himself is obviously a big Fortnite fan, is mentioned only as a side note. How else could he have known that the dances come from the Battle Royale game and can do justice to his role model function? What do you think of the testimony of Prince Harry? Is it his right to voice these concerns? After all, the game has the said age restrictions.