Pre-registration for the sequel to the cult MMORPG MU Origin 2 launched in Asia

MU Origin is a legendary MMORPG, released in 2003 and becoming the first in the genre for many players. She reached mobile just a few years ago, and it didn’t take long for developers to prepare a full-fledged sequel for release.

MMORPG MU Origin 2

Pre-registration is already open on the official website, and according to the growth rate of the number of applicants, it is obvious that the project will be popular. 

Somewhere in an hour, more than 10 thousand people registered on the site. And this is despite the fact that now it is open only to residents of Asian countries.

But instead of the phone number below you can choose email. To get a top pack, you need to pre-register 1.5 million people. For MMORPG this is quite real.

The game has already been released in Korea and China and is firmly entrenched in the tops of the local charts.

MMORPG MU Origin 2

In the continuation you will find an updated interface, rethinking classic scenes, new characters and their abilities. This time, the team is trying to attract veterans, preserving the franchise’s brand features, and new players, paying attention to current trends and improving graphics. The contribution of the developers is visible in this video.

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