Pokémon GO: The new Pokémon nearby radar reaches Europe

Last November 30th mismo- Pokémon GO announced through its official blog that the game would soon receive an update that would allow users to use a new radar Pokémon nearby. This tool was already available in countries like the United States , but its arrival in Europe had not occurred. To this day.

If you do not know how it works exactly this tool consists of a radar that places near the Poképaradas Pokemon, so they are “localized” and concentrates on one point. After a few months of use, it seems that people of Niantic has decided to do to reach a large number of European users that have not yet enjoyed.

The arrival of this tool to your account should occur in just a couple of days , when the acualizacion for your mobile is available. Do not despair. As for who read us from South American countries,unfortunately it has not confirmed any approximate date , so we’ll have to have your eyes open to any new development.

Pokémon GO: The new Pokémon nearby radar reaches Europe


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Lately it seems that in the offices of Niantic never stops working, it makes only a few days of upgrading their application with a series of daily allowances and the appearance of Ditto just a few days later .

But it does not stop there, as expected other major developments that will be coming to the game progressively over the next 2017. If left abandoned at the bottom of one of your desktops game, we encourage you to come open the app and enjoy with friends . And do it now, do not get left behind!