Pocket Dark Rising FOR WINDOWS (MAC AND PC)

You are a young Pokemon Trainer in Core Region.The game plot starts when you sleep and have a strange dream. You see a strange Pokemon that appears incidentally in your dream but you don’t know or meet it before. This Pokemon says it chooses you to be its owner and wants you to save it and the world. Next morning, you wake up but you still remember the last night dream and think about it. A lot of questions but there is no answers, you feel so confused. But you decide to forget temporarily it, get out of your house then go to the center of your town. Your

Your hometown Fells is so beautiful where you, your family and your best friend are living. When you get out of your house, Kaz, your best friend suddenly appears, he tells you about his last night dream which is exactly the same as yours and he is confused about it. Then he says the Professor of Fells wants to meet you and him. After that, both of you visit the Professor Lab. He quickly tells you about the climate changes and serious disasters which are occurring in your region.

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He also asks you if you can receive a package from Professor Oak for him. You agree to do it this mission. In your way, you meet a strange woman who appeared in your last night dream and her name is DARUGIS. After that, you quickly complete your mission and pick up the important package but a strong Pokemon inside the package appears.

It wants to test your skills and your best friend skills. It uses Wind Attacks to defeat your weak Pokemon easily and makes you shocked. When you awaken in your house, you see your Mom and you know you will have a dangerous adventure ahead to save your family, your Pokemon and your world. You need a strong power to do that. Good luck.

Pocket Dark Rising FOR WINDOWS (MAC AND PC)


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Download Pocket Dark Rising FOR PC using Emulators:

Pocket Dark Rising FOR PC is now available for those who like to play Android and iOS Apps and Games on their PC. As Pocket Dark Rising is exclusively a mobile App. You have to first download any Emulator.Below are the downloads links.

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Through these emulators, you can play games and enjoyed apps on your computers.Few of them are given above.One of the most surprise thing is that they all are free.That’s all my friends.Give your opinion on the rating of this app in our comment section.