Pixel Craft Space Shooter FOR PC (WINDOWS AND MAC)

Ride with the Frog (Google Play Download)Pixel Craft Space Shooter is one of the most addictive games currently on the market, and if you hesitate to take the lead in this development of the genre of shooters offered by Appsolute Games.
Do not let the 8bit design make us think that it is a retro delivery that has nothing new to offer us, since on the contrary the great diversity of weaponry, firing modes, and different enemies that we are going to face assures us That every user is not going to resist to go ahead in a stellar combat, that nevertheless, we know from the beginning that we will not be able to win.
The firing is continuous and automatic, meaning that as pilots we only have to worry about avoiding the projectiles and space debris that can put us out of combat, as well as hitting the enemy that will not stop harassing us at any time.
The action does not stop, and if you want to get into the frenzy of this adventure use headphones and you will find wrapping melodies that will make you feel the master of the galaxy.However large and spectacular the ships that attack us, we will always be able to defeat them at least once, but everything depends on the strategy that is used, the patience, and do not distract us from the shots that come in our against.
Pixel Craft Space Shooter FOR PC
As we eliminate enemy ships we will have bonuses that will give us a new weapon, the same can be missiles that seek by themselves to impact the opposites, like bursts that go out in all directions, or even nuclear weapons that stand out among the 10 different pieces Of artillery with which we can count.
As we collect gold coins we can exchange them for one of the 30 different spacecraft, each with different characteristics; While by exceeding levels we can then improve our shield, weapons and magnets.Pixel Craft – Space Shooter for Android is worth playing, especially since it’s free, and the ads and internal purchases do not interfere with the experience of dominating the space.

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