Peacock Darts Pin the Bird For PC & Mobile-Download

Peacock Darts Pin the Bird is new Arcade Game which is developed by MIVA Games GmbH.In Peacock Darts you have to pin the bird that is peacock and more forward in the game.This game is so much fun to play and extremely relaxing. Here is the review of Peacock Darts Pin the Bird. So, let’s Start.

Peacock Darts Pin the Bird For PC


It’s very rare that I find a game that can hold my attention for longer than a few minutes. I’m only at level 6, but so far, I’m loving this game.

T͞͞h͞͞i͞͞s͞͞ a͞͞p͞͞p͞͞ i͞͞s͞͞ p͞͞r͞͞o͞͞b͞͞a͞͞b͞͞l͞͞y͞͞ t͞͞h͞͞e͞͞ b͞͞e͞͞s͞͞t͞͞ a͞͞p͞͞p͞͞ I͞͞’v͞͞e͞͞ e͞͞v͞͞e͞͞r͞͞ p͞͞l͞͞a͞͞y͞͞e͞͞d͞͞. i̲̅ w̲̅a̲̅s̲̅ s̲̅o̲̅ s̲̅u̲̅r̲̅p̲̅r̲̅i̲̅s̲̅e̲̅d̲̅ t̲̅o̲̅ b̲̅e̲̅ t̲̅h̲̅e̲̅ 1s̲̅t̲̅ p̲̅e̲̅r̲̅s̲̅o̲̅n̲̅ t̲̅o̲̅ w̲̅r̲̅i̲̅t̲̅e̲̅ a̲̅ r̲̅e̲̅v̲̅i̲̅e̲̅w̲̅… i̲̅ r̲̅e̲̅a̲̅l̲̅l̲̅y̲̅ t̲̅h̲̅i̲̅n̲̅k̲̅ t̲̅h̲̅i̲̅s̲̅ a̲̅p̲̅p̲̅ s̲̅h̲̅o̲̅u̲̅l̲̅d̲̅ g̲̅e̲̅t̲̅ m̲̅o̲̅r̲̅e̲̅ a̲̅t̲̅t̲̅e̲̅n̲̅t̲̅i̲̅o̲̅n̲̅.

Love it It amazing very fun to play when your bored and it easy and hard but not like you want throw your phone across the room game . Very your going to love it.Peacock darts I love this game because it is easy to beat the levels but level 251 is really hard. And this game is really fun because it is on an electronic and it is an awesome game to play.

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Peacock Darts Pin the Bird For PC

Great I love this game its so addictive I just can’t stop playing it. It is a very beautiful game with beautiful designs I’m even up to level 52 and I’m on the leaderboard thank you for creating this magnificent game I can’t stop wanting to complete all the levels.


Help the Peacock. Peacock lost almost all its tail feathers. Pin all lovely colorful feathers in the spinnig tail and reveal the secret of the Peacock “Precious”! ;-). Be quick and accurate, collect all “eye” medals and become the Pincock Master. But…BE CAREFUL! Don’t break the remnants of the changing tail.

Peacock Darts Pin the Bird For PC

Download Peacock Darts on Android:

You can easily download Peacock Darts on your Android smartphone and tablets. You have to click the link given below. Download it now.

Google Play Store: Peacock Darts Link

How To Play/Download Peacock Darts on PC:

Follow the instructions below, it’s really easy and it takes about 5-10 minutes to run Peacock Darts.

  1. Download BlueStacks Emulator from our Guide.
  2. Run and Install it.
  3. Open the BlueStacks app and set up your Google Play Store with your Gmail, sometimes it asks for phone verification.
  4. After that search for “Peacock Darts”.
  5. Click the Install button next to the game icon.
  6. When it’s done, you can find and play Peacock Darts in “All Apps” or in “My Applications” sections.
  7. Also, try some Alternatives Emulators For Android and iOS Game and Apps.
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Andy Emulator ( For Android )/ iPadian ( For iOS )

Download Peacock Darts on iOS:

You can easily download Peacock Darts on your iPhone and iPad. You have to click the link given below. Peacock Darts is available on the App Store. Download it now.

App Store: Peacock Darts Link