Your goal.To conquer as much territory as possible. It’s initially very simple, and the game can be mastered immediately, but watch out: there’s competition, and not everyone can win.Whether you’re bold or more careful, you have to be more cunning than your adversaries by finding the best strategy to conquer the most space. But be careful! You have a weak spot: your tail.

If an enemy touches it, that’s the end for you.Try to stay ahead, because victory in is never certain until you possess all the territory. Stealing is allowed, and your enemies won’t hesitate to do so.

After the success of Quiz Run, 1 Pic 8 Words, and Bool, Voodoo now offers you a new gaming and graphics experience inspired by io type games (made popular by Enjoy the simplicity and strategy of an io game in a world with unique is for the whole family and doesn’t require an Internet connection. FOR WINDOWS (PC AND MAC)

Source 1:Ride with the Frog (Google Play Download)

Download FOR PC using Emulators: FOR PC is now available for those who like to play Android and iOS Apps and Games on their PC. As is exclusively a mobile App. You have to first download any Emulator.Below are the downloads links.

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Download Emulators

Through these emulators, you can play games and enjoyed apps on your computers.Few of them are given above.One of the most surprise thing is that they all are free.

Source 2:App Store

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