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An alternative to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice is an easy-to-use office suite that offers several tools for word processing, a tool for presentation, a mathematical formulas manager, a spreadsheet.

OpenOffice uses the same operation, but with some improvements in the interface. The program is compatible with various formats such as DOC, ODT, XLS, PPT, ODS and others … and several improvements have been made in word processing, spreadsheet, presentation module. In addition, the OpenOffice GUI has several enhancements including themes, item deletion and a new home screen.

Practical and powerful, this application is part of the family of free software. In fact, it is constantly updated and developed continuously and these advances allow it to meet several needs concerning the word processor, the spreadsheet. In addition, it is possible to launch the Metabarre, it has new styles of tables, a better interoperability OOXML, a better search bar, a new form.

Open Office For PC

Full interface

On its interface you have six tools like Writer for word processing, layout, inserting tables, images, multimedia files. It has a thesaurus and spellcheck.


This is the tool that allows you to create slideshows. Like PowerPoint, it is essential for the realization of presentations, presentations.


It is the spreadsheet that works like Excel a function dedicated to the management of spreadsheets, mathematical functions and macros. You also have Draw a tool that allows you to create 2D, 3D, logos. The software allows you to open and edit PDF documents or those from CorelDraw, Microsoft Publisher.

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With Math you can create difficult mathematical formulas for inserting into OpenOffice documents. And Base is the module that manages the database. And the databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, dBase and MS Access). 
Support for formats and extensions

OpenOffice supports and facilitates the import and export of documents in different formats (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX …). You can also add other features through add-ons available as a free download.

Open Office For PC

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A simple interface:

Thanks to its intuitive interface, OpenOffice you can improve your work and have powerful tools for better productivity. And thanks to the tools used you will be able to produce documents of the professional type whatever the type of content. It will be possible to produce drawings, diagrams, financial reports, a presentation etc. 
OpenOffice supports several document formats like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher. And you can use the OpenDocument format (ODF).