Microsoft’s Edge browser For Android & iOS

There is a good new for you Microsoft’s Edge browser is now available for Android and iOS.Download it now on your Android devices and iPhones.The mobile version of Edge does not migrate Microsoft’s EdgeHTML programming code. Instead, the Android version is based on Chrome’s Blink engine, and the iPhone version is based on Safari’s WebKit engine. This may be a con to you, but after seeing the mobile version of Mozilla Firefox struggle to perform smoothly over the years, we’re not convinced that rolling your own is necessarily better. Blink and WebKit are nimble and light, so why beat ’em when you can join ’em?.

Microsoft’s Edge browser For Android & iOS

Meanwhile, Edge’s mobile design should be familiar both to desktop Edge users and mobile browser users in general. There’s a strip along the bottom with back and forward buttons, a tab manager, a button to send your current tab to the version of Edge that’s on a Windows 10 PC, and a three-dot menu button that grants access to more functions, like setting a bookmark or searching for text within a web page.

Meanwhile, this bottom strip, plus the top strip displaying your web address, smoothly glide out of view when you scroll down a page, maximizing how much of it you can see. If you want to see them again, just scroll back up a little bit.

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One of the most time-consuming and frequent hurdles on mobile can simply be typing in a search or a web address. In our testing, Edge actually had slightly better navigation prediction, with more targeted selection of possible destinations. This does require using Bing as Edge’s search engine, which is the default choice. If you prefer Google’s AI, you can make Edge use Google instead, and your prediction results will become identical to Chrome’s.

If you don’t want any search suggestions in Edge (for increased privacy — prediction sends your keyboard taps to Google’s or Microsoft’s servers for analysis), there is a setting to disable it altogether.

Publisher Microsoft
Publisher web site
Release Date October 05, 2017
Category Browsers
Subcategory Web Browsers
Operating Systems Android/iOS
Additional Requirements None
License Model Free
Limitations Not available
Price Free

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