Install NVMS7000 For PC (Windows & Mac)

Do you have analog and IP cameras that handle surveillance cameras on your premises? If so, you can manage them all using a single Android app. If you already know and are wondering which is the best application, stay ready because we will talk more about the NVMS7000 For PC and see what it has in store for the world of video surveillance.

NVMS7000 For PC

About NVMS7000 For PC:

NVMS7000 Overview is an Android application that will give you access to your analog and IP cameras that you have configured in your home or office. The mobile program v 4.4 is designed to work only on Android version 4.0 and later.

The app will work properly on any smartphone or iOS device. For people using thermal imaging cameras, the latest version of the app can detect a temperature change and report it.

IP cameras work by detecting warmer temperatures. For example, if someone enters a prohibited area, the camera will notice a temperature change and warn you. The new version of the application will also allow the device to back up most of the files and also restore them. This is particularly beneficial for fans of watching recorded videos of a few months or weeks.

How NVMS7000 Works:

The application works by recording what is happening on IP cameras. The app records and stores everything for future use. So if you want the cameras to work, you will have to check the recordings after a few days, so this is the right app for you.

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If you have one or two thermal IP cameras, you’re in luck as the app also supports thermal cameras to detect warm-blooded animals that walk in front of the cameras. Also, you can configure the camera calibration remotely. For example, if you think your cameras are too bright or dark to allow you to see everything, this is the perfect app for you.

In addition, this application can make you see a large area of ​​your facilities through PTZ control. This type of control allows cameras to change their views and simply scroll through the phone. If you want to capture some of your best moments or funny moments, you can use the snapshot function of the NVMS7000 app.

NVMS7000 For PC

The most fantastic thing about this application is that it allows up to 100 devices while adding, removing, and managing configuration camera profiles. This only means that it is possible to connect both corporate IP cameras and home IP cameras. You just need to customize them to know what cameras you are looking at and what areas of your home or business you are monitoring.

Above all, the NVMS7000 PC application is easy to use with an interface that anyone can operate efficiently. It is not necessary to be a computer expert to download the application.

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NVMS7000 Specifications:

√ File size: 74.79MB

√ Editor: Echeverry security systems

√ Category: security software

√ Price: free

√ Limitations: No limitation

How to download the NVMS7000 for PC:

As mentioned above, the NVMS7000 app is a mobile app designed to work on mobile devices (Google Play Link). To download any Android or iOS application, you must use an Android emulator.

There are plenty of Android emulators, but the three most reliable emulators include Andyroid, iPadian, and Bluestacks. We will show you some of the steps you can take to download and install NVMS7000 for PC.

1. Download and install the Android Bluestacks emulator on your PC.Link Here.

2. Sign in or create a Google account. If you have a Gmail account, you can use it to log in to Google Play.

3. On Google Play, search for the NVMS7000.

4 Click Install.

I hope you find the guide How to download the NVMS7000 App On your PC helpful and also try this App on your PC. Give your opinions in our comment section below and stay tuned with