Google Maps knows where you are even if you uninstall

Google wants to know your movements to make more useful targeted advertising, ie, to sell products when you are in a particular place or by a particular query. Therefore, services geolocation Google Play still active although the map application is uninstalled.

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Google Maps knows where you are even if you uninstall

That’s what happened to my friend , who enter a McDonald’s your mobile asked if I wanted to download the application from the fast food chain. My friend realized that Google Maps was controlling its location . And it kept going even uninstalling the application.

To prevent control of Google Play , it is easiest to turn off the GPS mobile and search for wireless networks. You can also stop location history or not use Google Play a more complicated option considering the current ecosystem of Android because of the dependence of some applications and it gets to the point of not work.

If you want to see that what new updates google maps make.So please visit: Google Maps on Google Play.

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