Google announces first Instant Apps, which require download to use

The Google finally began testing an innovation that promises to change the way you use apps on your smartphone. The Instant Apps , Apps or snapshots, were announced at the last conference Google I / O and start testing phase for a limited group of users. The main feature of this new type of app dispense the download to be used.

The idea is to allow users to search the web for mobile and access functions applications direct results page . As with mobile sites, but with the performance of native apps, Instant Apps promise better user experience thanks to the power of the cloud.

Google announces first Instant Apps, which require download to use

Initially, only four applications begin to be available for online use for a small group of people. BuzzFeed , Wish , Periscope and Viki are the first in line, but Google ensures that more apps to come. The constraint for now is due to one important factor: there is still no new Android SDK to create Instant Apps.

With this, developers must manually update your apps and use Android Studio to modularize programs . Thus, Google can offer parts of the application on the web as the user needs, as well as an ordinary website, but with much more fluidity.

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The search giant recommends that developers support the feature, but it should still be a while before the Instant Apps offer is large.