Full release of the Hero Z:Survival Evolved on Google Play

Hero Z: Survival Evolved – another strategy with elements of battles in real time, which takes place in a world that has survived a zombie apocalypse.

Hero Z:Survival Evolved on Google Play

In the strategic part of the game, you have to equip your camp, develop individual heroes, equipping them with new types of weapons and equipment, and train soldiers who will support the heroes in the battles.


In the story because of the virus, the world was captured by crowds of zombies. To survive, you have to confront them, equipping your own base, training soldiers and launching attacks on the dead. 

The project boasts three-dimensional graphics in the style of modern free strategies and a combat system in which your troops independently fight enemies, and your task is to use the hero’s special abilities at the right moment.

Battles take place in real time, but you have no way to influence their outcome.

 It is important only at the right time to use the special abilities of the characters.

Hero Z:Survival Evolved on Google Play

There is no iOS version yet, but the developers promise to release it soon. Follow the details on the official Facebook page.

Hero Z: Survival Evolved on Google play

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