Froggy Ribbit is an Arcade App which is developed by Midnight Pigeon . Download it now from Apps For PC Today.

Welcome delicious Froggy, don’t you dare to escape my kitchen. I have a magnificent French recipe in mind for my guests tonight… .Plat du jour ‘Soupe de Grenouille’.

“Quick, he’s gone…. Jump. No not on the stinky cheese..bleh.. Watch out that cat is evil… Ooh no the Chef is coming back…!! Baguettes are flying.”

Froggy Ribbit is a playful game where you take control of a frog that tries to escape the horrid fate of becoming Frog Soup. Outrun the Chef, harass him with mustard, jump over kitchen utensils, avoid hazards, and dodge his soup-ladle on your way to freedom.

Froggy Ribbit FOR PC


• Escape from hell’s kitchen; jump your way out of three different scenes.
• Set the record; frogleg it and eat those French flies.
• Customize your look; make sure you’re toadly awesome.
• Give your master chef a make-over; dress ‘m up as the king of hop.
• Be the frog; drag, jump, dodge and eat your way out.

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Froggy Ribbit FOR PC

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