Football Manager 2019 is now available on iOS and Android

One of the best-known football games is Football Manager 2019. Unlike FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, in which we embody the different players of the squad, in Football Manager 2019 we move to a more strategic level, becoming a kind of virtual trainer that must decide the different strategies that the team should follow to win the game.

For the 2019 edition, the SEGA guys have added a series of interesting features, starting with new leagues. These are the Russian league, the Chinese league, and the German Bundesliga, which comes with the full license for the first time. To be able to do with their titles you will have to train the players, something that you can do with the new customizable training system, which allows strengthening the player’s strengths and correcting the weakest ones. All this being advised by the technical team.

Another highlight is that the transfers and the transfer market have been redesigned so that you can buy and sell players in real time, negotiating their minimum quotas and repurchases. In this section, future transfers from the real world have been introduced, which will make the experience more immersive and realistic, since you will not only have to take into account the game itself but also the progress of the different leagues.

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As far as matches are concerned, the numbering of the team has been introduced (so that each player has the number you want) and the licensed equipment, something that also comes to the franchise for the first time. You can also design your own in the “My Club” mode. Replays of goals and the video arbitration system or VAR have also been implemented.

Football Manager 2019 was launched a couple of weeks ago on iOS but it was today when it reached Android. The game has a price of 9.99 euros and comes loaded with micropayments ranging from € 1.09 to € 16.99 per item.

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