Facetime for PC (Windows & MAC)

Facetime is an application available on Android and iOS that you can use for live conversations. Note before continuing, that you have the possibility to run this application on a PC thanks to an emulator called Bluestacks and others that are mentioned below. In fact, BlueStacks is able to emulate any Android application or iOS on a PC.WhatsApp FOR PCApple’s Business Chat FOR PC.

Facetime for PC

Developed by Apple, this app gives you the opportunity to chat with your loved ones no matter where they live. It is a video conferencing tool that gives you the ability to communicate with the rest of the world in real time. Facetime works on any PC and it gives you the ability to call your contacts on their mobiles no matter its brand and vice versa. However, to use it you must have a 3G, 4G, Wifi Internet connection.

Easy to use Facetime is equipped with an ergonomic and advanced interface on which you have all the necessary features to call, receive video calls. To start a discussion, simply select one of your contacts and click on “Facetime” to start the discussion.Therefore, you will have access to the application, no need to navigate between the tabs. A few clicks are enough to launch it.

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However, your computer or mobile phone must be equipped with a camera. So you can share your photos, videos and videos free of charge when you want. This way, you will allow your friends to see you, comment on your photos or videos no matter where the country where they live. It should be noted that Facetime is a powerful software.

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Facetime for PC

Thanks to Facetime you can find out what your friends or family are doing in real time, you will be able to laugh on a given subject, you will be able to discover their surroundings thanks to the video. In addition, you have a nice interface and modern graphics.

Download Facetime FOR PC using Emulators:

There are many emulators to play android and ios games and enjoy your favorite apps on the bigger screen of your PC.Now it is on your choice that which emulator suit you and which impress you through their relaxing environment.


  • Ready to Play?.Stream, Watch and Play.Download BlueStack Now From Below Link.                                   
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Download Bluestack

  • Use your phone as a remote control when playing games.Download Andyroid Now From Below Link.

Download Andyroid

  • The Best iOS Simulator For Windows.iPadian Aim is to bring all the Apple’s Ecosystem to anyone for free.Download Ipadian Now From Below Link.

    Download Ipadian

  • Want to have more fun, So download: WhatsPrank Pro FOR PC (WINDOWS AND MAC).

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Download FaceTime App Free By Apple from App Store.