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Lordmancer II is a Roleplaying Game which is developed by Active Games, LLC.Download Lordmancer II is now officially available on Google Play Store and also on App Store.Darkness once will swallow everything, the light of the Sun will fade, Great Ocean will rise above the mountains and thrown down on the world, and the great kingdoms will fall.

At this darkest time, the fate of the world will in the hands of mighty heroes.Become a great general, teach unique abilities and lead your armies to victory.Azgarod full of other heroes with whom you can fight in real time.Each faction or clan pursue their own goals. Choose your side and bring it to greatness.Explore, fight, trade. Find your place and activities on Azgarod legendary lands.

Lordmancer II is simple, yet addictive RPG, we have already discussed the storyline pretty much in the above para, so let’s move on to the gameplay. In Lordmancer II, you play as a reputed General, who must take in his hands, the fate of the world and use resources to stop the evil. Being the General, you will have command over huge armies. Teach them the new ways of battles against the rising evil and lead them in the battles. Aside from the armies, there are clans, which fight for their own glory. Side with any of them to increase your forces and firepower.

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Lordmancer II On PC

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