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Counter-Strike is incredibly simple and realistic, and this is perhaps the key to such success. It’s a First Person Shooter (FPS ) in which two teams face each other, one from terrorists and one from counterterrorism. Clashes take place on varied maps, each with a specific goal for each side.

CS appeared in 1999 as a modification to Half-Life, hence the name Half-Life: Counter-Strike. The original version was a modification of Half-Life and the engine of the two is the same, but the success was so much that today it is announced as an independent game. The following year, Valve, developer of Half-Life, joined forces with the developers of Counter-Strike and version 1.0 of the game was released. The latest version, 1.6, was released in 2003.

Counter Strike For PC & Steam

Originally, Counter-Strike was played through WON, but in 2004 that server closed and then players had to migrate to Steam (see how to get the game below).

The Clash:

You must choose the team that will defend between “good guys” and “bad guys”. Teams face each other on a map in a series of rounds. The round wins the team that completes its goal or that eliminates all the opponent. The arsenal is extensive, with weapons ranging from pistols to machine guns and grenades.

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Counter Strike For PC & Steam

In each round, you can carry a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, and some grenades. Each weapon has a specific price and you earn money as you progress through the game. See the list of armaments:

Knife – the famous “facts” is free and requires very close contact with the opponent, but can kill with one or two blows. Deaths by the knife are known as surgery and mockery among the players.

Primary Weapons – These include long-barreled weapons (powerful in close range, but with slow loading), submachine guns (fast and with many shots without the need of loading are most commonly used), rifles (both accuracy for accurate and sequential shots) and The machine gun, better known as Rambo (extremely heavy, with excellent shots at long range and comb of 100 bullets).

Counter Strike For PC & Steam

A highlight of the category is the MP5 Navy, a great weapon for beginners. It has good firepower and is accurate, ideal for anyone who is learning to fire. Players with more experience love AK-47 and M4A1.

Secondary weapons – these are the pistols that can save your life in a gunshot where you run out of ammunition for the primary weapon, for example. The highlight goes to the Dual 96G Elite Berettas: a pair of Berettas. They are neither powerful nor accurate, but they make you look very badass.

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