Candy Crush Friends Saga Android/iOS Download

Candy Crush Friends Saga is the new version of the popular casual game of King that already is a synonym of successful mobile game and that conquers more and more fans with each new release.

The newly released game once again brings the formula that made the title one of the most popular mobile with millions of downloads. In this new adventure for the sweet kingdom of Candy Crush Friends Saga, you will count on the help of adorable little animals that need to be discovered amidst the immensity of goodies of this place and begin to interact with each of their plays.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Android/iOS


As in the other titles in the series, in Candy Crush Friends Saga you need to move the candy from the screen vertically and horizontally to make combinations of at least 3 candies so that they add up from the screen. By combining 4 or more items you enable power ups that allow you to destroy even more candy on the screen with a single move.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Android/iOS

Now in Candy Crush Friends Saga you can advance through the levels of the game in a new three-dimensional scenario full of details that take players through the hundreds of phases and challenges of the game.

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Despite being a free game, Candy Crush Friends Saga has items that can be purchased with real money, such as extra lives and power ups that can be unlocked before starting a phase.


Candy Crush Friends Saga is a casual game of joining pieces with candy formats that each new version wins new fans that are completely addicted to this game that has become a synonym of mobile puzzle.

In this new version, the game seeks the balance between keeping your fans satisfied and seeking to catch the attention of new players.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Android/iOS

In summary, with Candy Crush Friends Saga once again the developer King delivers a game that manages to bring news without changing too much the successful formula developed for the original title that has become one of the most successful games for mobile. One more show that using the famous “in winning team does not move” pattern may be a good idea.

Candy Crush Friends Saga has excellent graphics, as is already a standard of the games in the series. Vivid colors, lots of detail and simply exquisite animation, make this work of art the game. Highlight the animations of the characters that collaborate with your plays in the game, which are simply enchanting.

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Candy Crush Friends Saga Android/iOS

Who knows other games in the series Candy Crush knows that when players can make a good move, the speaker releases some pearls that are once again present in this new version. Candy Crush Friends Saga also has instrumental songs of great quality and remarkable refinement.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is one of those games that please those who already is a fan and conquers new players. With so many points so well executed in its development, high level of fun and many challenges, without a doubt is a game that can not miss in your device.

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