Call of Duty Mobile For PC (Windows & Mac)

Call of Duty Mobile is an Action game which is developed by Activision Publishing, Inc. When I heard the call of duty was coming to mobile I was a skeptic. Because this is one of the biggest FPS genres of all time and it’s coming to mobile. But the developers at Activision and Tencent knocked it out of the park with this one. With a game like this, it has soo many ways it can be better. Not saying that these are bad changes are bad mostly just add ons to the game but some are changes that need to be replaced.

Call of Duty Mobile For PC

Lag:  For a game to play at such a rate I haven’t spotted that many lag spots. But only when I get into ranked play I see some lag and it gets irritating because I’m trying to rank up and I can’t because I’m sweating trying to get one more kill to rank up and I get killed because of lag.

Weapons: Through the years of call of duty there have been some iconic weapons but some didn’t make it into the game. Below is a list of some weapons I would like to see in cod mobile Assault rifles: M4 G3 G36cFamas M4A1SCAR-HACRCM901The honey badger The Remington R5 ARX-150Bal 27 GalilMTARM27AN-94SMRShotguns: M1014KSG-12 SPAS-12AA-12The OlympiaModel 1887USAS-12SMGs: MP5P90Skorpion(and the Skorpion Evo)UMP.45 The vectors peacekeeperMP7LMGs: SAW M60AUG-HBRL-SATsnipers & marksmen rifles: MK2 M14M40M21R700The intervention Barret 50.

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Call of Duty Mobile For PC

The ballista Pistols: Desert eagle M9KAP-40M93- Grafica B23RNow the way you can get these weapons can be through events like the light up the world event like at launch, daily logins, and with cod points and credits or a gun wheel And you don’t even have to release these all at once. They can be released in a span of weeks and months.

Perks: The same can be said about perks. Some of my favorite perks were also left out. Stopping powerAkimbo Last stands-repSlight of hand Ninja Custom classes. I also have had trouble with classes.

Call of Duty Mobile For PC

Download For Mobile:

Call of Duty Mobile for Android

Call of Duty Mobile for iOS

Download Call of Duty Mobile For PC:

Follow the following steps and get Call of Duty Mobile on your PC, Windows, and Mac.

Download emulators from these link  BlueStacks / Andy / Youwave  / Ipadian (For iOS Apps)

After installing emulators search for app you want to download.

Install that App or Game and enjoy it on your PC.