Brawl Stars For Mobile,Mac & PC-Review

I am not a fan of multiplayer entertainment. Neither on the PC nor on the mobile I do not have a single game in which I would have played more than 50 hours. I also tried the popular Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, but left them somewhere in the second hour of acquaintance, realizing that I don’t intend to invest and I don’t want to wait either.

Therefore, the review of Brawl Stars from me is not an analysis of the multiplayer and cyber-sports potential of the game and is not an ode to your favorite developer, but a review from a person who is not interested in a particular product but who is in love with games.

What are Brawl Stars, and why were they waiting for her?

Brawl Stars is a rethinking of the MOBA genre on mobile platforms from Supercell Studio, which has created such hits as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. There are Boom Beach and Hay Day in her portfolio, but these are just high-quality studio-style games, but not so loud hits.

Brawl stars For PC

In my head, I constantly compare Supercell with Blizzard. The former, of course, have no such heritage, but this is not the main thing. The creators of Warcraft and Diablo are often called experts in dealing with new genres:

  • They created the MMORPG World of Warcraft, which is considered almost the most popular in history
  • Invented Hearthstone, which equals all modern developers of card games
  • Reconsidered session shooter, releasing Overwatch

By analogy with the way I associate Supercell with Blizzard, Brawl Stars is a lot like Overwatch. And given the rather strange reputation of this game and the ambiguous attitude of the public towards it, for my part, I would say that this is a definite plus.

Mobile MOBA Shooter:

As it was impossible not to start the story about the game from the description of the studio that created it, it will not be possible not to touch on the features of the genre. Brawl Stars is not pure MOBA but uses some of its features.

MOBA is a multiplayer genre with several distinctive features:

  • Team play first
  • There are several characters that differ in their characteristics and types of attacks and can become stronger during the battle.
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The game always has a global task, in addition to the banal “kill all”

Brawl stars For PC

The main task in the games of this genre is to destroy the opponent’s base, without allowing to destroy its own. But Supercell went further and from the start offered players several modes at once:

  • The capture of crystals – in the middle of the map is a mine, from which every few seconds there is a crystal. Teams must grab them. As soon as one has 10, the countdown timer starts. If in 15 seconds the value of the accumulated crystals does not fall below 10, the team won. Depriving her earned crystals can be, killing a character. So, the advantage may be on the side of the team-outsider in seconds
  • The clash is a variation on the theme of the royal battle. In solo mode or paired with another player you have to survive on the map, which is surrounded by poisonous gases from different sides. In the process, you can become stronger by collecting energy or taking it from defeated opponents
  • Reward for catching – here you get a star with each victory over your opponent’s character. Who will collect more stars, he will win
  • Robbery – each team must crack the enemy’s safe without giving him his
  • Brown ball is the local equivalent of football. The winner is the team that scores 2 goals.

Over time, developers will conduct interesting events and discover new, time-limited modes. Belonging to MOBA (and even distant) defines only the principles: the diversity of characters, teamwork and a single goal. The gameplay is a top-down shooter.


At the beginning of the review, I was a little cunning. Still, I’m biased. I do not like free games. The distribution model alone makes me initially reduce the project’s estimate to 8 points, no matter how beautiful it is.

All Supercell games are free, and only because of this the company manages to earn hundreds of millions of dollars.

How critical is this model in the case of Brawl Stars? My main complaint is pumping characters out of battle. I do not know if there is something similar in other games, but here you can almost make a lot of real money from the start and get cool characters. To do this, you will need to first buy power points to open the way for development, and after that – coins, for which the pumping takes place.

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On the one hand, this is unfair to those players who accumulate both points and coins through the game. On the other hand, if when creating a match rivals are selected according to strength, then there should be no complaints. In fact, by pumping his character for money, the player thus only makes himself worse by finding himself in the big leagues, but not having a gaming experience with which he could win there.

Brawl Stars For Mobile

The game has the equivalent of a combat pass. In battle, you get trophies, and a certain number of them open up new fighters, modes, gives containers and different currencies.

Small containers are given out for every 100 accumulated tokens, and large containers are given out for 10-star tokens that are issued if you have shown yourself better than others on the battlefield.


I liked the game. It is fun to play, and you are not limited in the number of matches. Yes, there are restrictions in the form of tokens, which after a certain time cease to pay, but when the initial fever passes, during which you want to play all day, and Brawl Stars turns into entertainment to take 10-15 minutes – this is the ideal format.

I didn’t really like the picture. It is three-dimensional, but the models do not look that way. Yes, and memorable characters cannot be called. In Overwatch, with which I compared Brawl Stars in the beginning, there is an interesting, if not inconsistent, Lore. Here it’s not even completely clear who these characters are and where the action takes place. But Supercell – developers are experienced and probably understand that mobile players do not need it.

I don’t know how Donat will behave in the long term, what will happen to the balance and how soon the developers will fix the network problems, but when they first met Brawl Stars gives the impression of an original mobile adventure created with an understanding of how you can earn money on it, but not without the soul.