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Apex Legends is a futuristic battle royale set in the world famous Titanfall series. But here you will not get on board any giant robot: instead, each player takes control of a legend – powerful fighters with different skills and fighting styles – in disputes between twenty threes. Beat the last group standing.

As with any title of the genre, Apex Legends puts you and your allies on the battlefield completely unprepared, hunting for equipment that is scattered on the stage. At that time, luck is an important factor of Apex Legends: items found are random, and although certain areas are more likely to put valuable equipment, it is not uncommon to see yourself unbalanced in the worst situations. Everything, of course, is a matter of continuing to search to eventually find what you need.

Apex Legends for pc

The right soldier makes all the difference.

To allow for more strategy, Apex Legends has its already mentioned Legends system. These basically work as classes, guaranteeing unique skills. Below you can check a little more about those initially available.


Bloodhound is able to see the traces of opponents all the time. With his extra abilities he extends his senses, seeing cold traces and seeing traps and hidden enemies.


Gibraltar is a defense master. In addition to having a portable shield that protects you when you aim, it has a protective dome and can launch a devastating bombardment.

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Keeping your allies alive is everything for Lifeline. Its healing and reanimation of allies are faster than normal; his activatable drone heals nearby allies, while his supreme skill calls for a supply capsule filled with defense equipment.


For those who like to be always on the go, Pathfinder is a very powerful robot. That’s because he has hook-up equipment capable of not only taking him on the map but also creating zip-lines for the entire team. And he can still know which area remains safe with each reduction of the ring.


Wraith has the power of emptiness to his advantage in Apex Legends. With it, she can hear voices warning her of near dangers, staying intangible for several seconds, and even opening portals between different areas for you and your allies to cross.


The fastest of Legends, Bangalore runs even faster by receiving shots. In addition, his tactical ability casts a cylinder of explosive smoke and is able to call an artillery rain with his supreme attack.

Apex Legends for pc

Our opinion about Apex Legends:

Apex Legends comes to challenge the reign of such great titles as PUBG and Fortnite. Just start the game to make it clear that the game is not joking: by far it brings the best graphics among its competitors, with an incredibly realistic look and an impressive futuristic setting. Of course, this calls for a high-level PC, but even at medium levels, the result is still absurd.

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Playing Apex Legends is also an experience of the best: controls are accurate and character movement is fluid (and stylish) as in Titanfall itself. Legends’ powers really do give a good variety to the experience, allowing a well-assembled team to take great advantage of each role of the characters.

Great in its genre – but still a battle royale:

Having said all that, Apex Legends is still a battle royale; all elements of luck and almost random deaths are there, so anyone who is no longer a fan of the genre will want to pass away. In the same way, this game does not bring anything really innovative in the game, keeping the known systems of classes with unique abilities and weapons with different rarities.

If that makes Apex Legends a bad game? Not from afar. In addition to being competent in everything it offers, the game is distinguished by its impressive setting; so it’s a great call for anyone who wants a battle royale with a great science fiction touch.

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