Angry Birds Dream Blast For Android,iOS & PC

After a long lethargy, Rovio, the developer of the Angry Birds series, returns to the battlefield of mobile games with a new title: Angry Birds Dream Blast. The game was launched in the United States and Finland on October 3 and was expected to reach the whole world throughout 2019. There will not be much waiting, because the game is already available for iOS and Android. Here is the review of the Angry Birds Dream Blast.

Angry Birds Dream Blast For Android

Angry Birds Dream Blast Review:

Absolutely Extraordinary Game

I have been an AB fan for years and have played over a dozen variations of the incredible incarnations of bird and pig, and THIS game is a true masterpiece. I have also played a number of “X” match-games, including spiced up versions such as Futurama “Game of Drones,” but decided to ditch it after an incredibly impassable level. Dream Blast seems to offer a truly rewarding gameplay incentive with prizes after a consistent length of play. A personal peeve of match-games is an occasional “bias” against (and please forgive me as I am not proficient in certain gaming terms) drop response to a move. E.g. trying to read the probability of matching pieces to appear after a particular move. HOWEVER, because of the jovial, smooth dispersion of “Dream Balls?”, and reactive movement to specific physical characteristics in mass, blah blah blah. Basically, this is an AWESOME lesson on physics. Thank you!

Fun game but developers are greedy

The game is a lot of fun and well thought out but very difficult to clear higher levels unless you pay for coins to get extra power-up features or lives because there is no way to get through some levels without added support and extra stuff. I don’t mind supporting the developers but come on!!!! One word: Greed! The amount of money you want for such a small amount of coins to use in the game is utterly ridiculous! Some crazy addictive players might want to spend $100’s on a mobile game… But I will not. It’s a mobile game, people. Looks like I will be uninstalling it since I’m not donating anymore than I have. Sad they designed it this way! I gave it 3 stars because the game is beautiful… but too difficult without spending a lot of money.

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Download Angry Birds Dream Blast on Android:

You can easily download the Angry Birds Dream Blast on your Android smartphone and tablets. You have to click the link given below. Download it now.

Google Play Store: Angry Birds Dream Blast Link

Angry Birds Dream Blast Gameplay:

In short, Angry Birds Dream Blast mixes the universe of Angry Birds with the own gameplay of Candy Crush. The game consists of several levels in which we will have to exploit the number of bubbles that indicate us joining three or more of the same color. That, of course, you can get it more easily with the help of the birds.

Each level has a goal that you must achieve in a reduced number of movements. The first, for example, is 48 red bubbles in 25 movements, a figure that is quite affordable if you are a regular at this type of games. The second, 25 oranges and 25 blue ones, and so on. You will have to collect three or more bubbles of color to count and get a bird.

Angry Birds Dream Blast For pc

There are three birds in total: Red (red), Chunk (yellow) and Bomb (black). Each one has a special power that you can use at any time to unblock a complicated situation. Joining two reds you get one yellow and two yellows create a blackbird. They work in the following way:

  • Network: destroy a whole horizontal line of bubbles.
  • Chunk: create a cross explosion and destroy all the bubbles in its path.
  • Bomb: as the name suggests, it is a bomb that bursts all the bubbles around it.

Steps to install Angry Birds Dream Blast on PC

  1. Download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.  BlueStacks is a lightweight and totally free Android emulator.
  2. Once installed, run the emulator. On the homepage, you have to click on the icon of the  Google Play Store. If this is the first time you are running BlueStacks, the program will ask you to log in with your Google account.
  3. Now we just have to find the game “Angry Birds Dream Blast” in the Play Store.
  4. Once found, we must press the “Install” button.
  5. Now Angry Birds Dream Blast will appear on the main page of our emulator.
  6. Also, try some Alternatives Emulators For Android and iOS Game and Apps.
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Andy Emulator ( For Android )/ iPadian ( For iOS )

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast on iOS:

You can easily download the Angry Birds Dream Blast on your iPhone and iPad. You have to click the link given below. Angry Birds Dream Blast is available on the App Store. Download it now.

App Store: Angry Birds Dream Blast Link