All about Candy Crush Friend Saga levels,Modes & Characters

If there is a game that has had overwhelming success on all mobile platforms, that is undoubtedly Candy Crush . Millions of people around the world have enjoyed the famous mobile gaming franchise for the past five years, which is now about to welcome a new title .

The game Candy Crush Friends Saga can be downloaded worldwide from October 11 and will come with 3D graphics, new features and game modes unprecedented to date. In addition, the creators of the popular game have confirmed that it will include an extra dose of strategy .

For iOS, Android and Windows

Candy Crush made its first appearance in 2012 and quickly became the most downloaded game from app stores . His fun characters captivated millions of players and his candies became famous around the world.

download Candy Crush Friends Saga pc

Now, the very company that created the popular game franchise, King , has confirmed the release date of its biggest and most ambitious version of the game. The next October 11 will reach the entire world and all platforms (Apple, Android and Windows) the new Candy Crush Friends Saga.

3D Characters:

One of the main changes that comes to King’s new game is that the characters that appear now are in 3D and have magical powers as well as the ability to interact with users. For the magical powers to work, it will be necessary to collect some specific sweets that will activate these powers so that you can use them in the game. The characters have different costumes that you can collect.

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New Modes:

Beyond new characters there will also be new game modes and new phases. There will be a total of 380 different phases that will increase when the game will receive new updates. In addition, there will be new ways to play as the options that you will have to break the candies that trap them; “Spread the jam”, which will ask you to spread the jam; or “dip the cookie” that will allow you to combine candies to move the cookies. New available modes that will allow you to enjoy the game much more while having a more attractive and colorful game in your hands.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is now available in all countries and you can download it for free in the Google Play Store for your Android phone or tablet or your iOS mobile.