5 Free Top Apps for Makeup Addicts

The word Makeup consists of two parts: the First one is to beautify yourself and the second one is to make yourself high and up, So it become makeup. Makeup is a big part of a lot of people’s lives. It can totally change your face, hide certain features.It makes your face different and even totally different So that no one can recognize you.Makeup apps are everywhere, some put makeup on your gorgeous selfies, others are just fun little games you can play. We present to you 5 free top apps for Makeup addicts.

5 Free Top Apps for Makeup Addicts

1. YouCam Makeup (Selfie Makeover):

Youcam Makeup app is soo cool that make your simple or normal face stunning and gorgeous.You have to use different filters and make your selfie beautiful.YouCam describes itself as the top selfie makeup cam.You can choose things such as a lip color with plenty of different shades which range from matte to a high gloss. The lip color will also look pretty realistic.

 You can choose your lens color which suits on your eyes.You can add eyeshadows from a large range of different palettes and choose where each color goes, as well as different eye liner designs and mascara.Add face paint, such as little cat whiskers and a nose.You can also add accessories, such as hair accessories, earrings, necklaces and lot more.

2. You Makeup Photo Editor:

Create your silly selfies by using makeup camera with art filters that can add makeup.You can add different shades of foundation, blush, and lipstick quite quickly and efficiently.

Not only could it be used as a makeover app, but also a must-have or selfie camera. Beauty Camera has the same effects as another app, but easier to use.Take a selfie with our camera or choose a photo, then you can start to beautify.

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※Face-framing: Get dark eyes, straight nose, and V-shaped face in seconds.
※Teeth whitening: Gorgeous smile seems to go better with whiten-teeth.
※Eyes beautify: widen your eyes and reinforce the contour, it makes your eyes more beautiful.
※Smile: Click Smile, then mouth slightly upward to show a more charming smile.

3. Makeup Salon:

Makeup Salon isn’t for applying makeup to a photo, but just a little game to kill the time and mess around with fun colors that you may not try on yourself. It allows you to take up the position of a makeup artist.

5 Free Top Apps for Makeup Addicts

• Totally free.
• Make the spa step by step.
• Tons of different lipsticks, eyes, eye-shadow, hair color and much more.
• Huge variety of party items, including earrings, necklaces, and head gears.
• Makeup and Dress up her in the gown of your dreams.
• Save your makeovers to your phone for future references.

4. MakeupPlus (Makeup Camera):

MakeupPlus describes itself as the perfect camera for adding makeup to your photos and give them that extra something. You have access to makeup filters which give you a different look every time you swipe.

Bring out your inner unicorn and go BOLD with the hottest hair dye trends of the moment such as “Cotton Candy,” “Sunset,” “Pink Tips” and more! Our expanded HAIR DYE tool lets you try on every color of the rainbow so you know exactly what you want before you head to the salon.Ever wondered what it’s like to get a makeover from the pros? With MakeupPlus’ TOUCH-UP, you can customize your own signature look OR try on exclusive full-face makeup filters created by the hottest names in the beauty industry like Bretman Rock, NikkieTutorials, Lisa Eldridge, Christen Dominique, Angel Merino aka Mac Daddyy and MORE.

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MakeupPlus gives you the opportunity to communicate with the beauty community in order to share tips and tricks that other people have found useful.

5. InstaBeauty (Makeup Selfie Cam):

Selfies are an all important feature of these apps that add makeup. To get a great selfie, you’ll probably need a fantastic camera. If you have an iPhone, make sure you know how to use your camera in order to get the best result.

InstaBeauty contains more than 100 beautiful makeup styles and filters. It can help you remove whiteheads,blackheads, pimples, acnes and rosacea to get a flawless skin selfie. It is a professional selfie camera populated with more than 50 million users globally because of selfie filters, grid filters, teeth whitening, zoom in the eyes, stylish collage, emoji sticker, quick snap, special video and many other amazing features.

The app will rid of any blemishes or spots and enhance where you face naturally contours. Such as your jawline, your nose, and your cheekbones.You can edit your photo once you’ve altered a few things. Such as, being able to choose a filter and play around with collages. The app also allows you to make your photo seem more high resolution to give it a better quality. You’re also able to edit the photo in standard ways, such as cropping, rotating and flipping it.

Calling All Makeup Lovers:

These top 5 free makeup apps give you everything you need to satisfy your love for makeup in the virtual world.Choose your favorite app and make your face and looks more beautiful.Post your finished picture on Instagram, facebook and on other social pages.If you like the blog then gave your feedback in our comment box.