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Rumble Heroes is a super-interesting game that puts players in very challenging competitions that follow the style of the classic games that marked the season in the arcade. Thus, in this fun adventure, players will have a game in the mold of the famous Clash Royale, but with the look of great classics of the beat ’em up genre.

Rumble Heroes for iOS


To begin with, the graphics in Rumble Heroes have a very accentuated quality. The characters are beautifully designed and their special abilities fill the screen with stunning effects and lights. In addition, the interfaces and the scenarios are endowed with great quality, promoting the perfect climate for the combats.

In relation to gameplay, we have an arena in which the player must set up a team full of different heroes, in order to defeat opponents in excellent combat in real time. As the game is based on the classic constructions of the beat ’em up genre, the fighting follows this line, offering interesting move options and a lot of punches.

Rumble Heroes for iOS

To complete the game, there are plenty of options for players to use points collected from competitions to promote team optimizations and recruit new heroes. With this, the level of competitiveness, always remains at a very satisfactory level.

Rumble Heroes for iOS

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Therefore, Rumble Heroes is a very interesting option that will undoubtedly please several types of players. With its interesting fighting and “old school” look, the game will ensure hours of great fun putting players in the battle arenas. Anyway, it’s worth checking.

Rumble Heroes for iOS 

Rumble Heroes for Mac

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